Real-Time Career Support
Real-Time Career Support
Real-Time Career Support
Real-Time Career Support
Real-Time Career Support

Real-Time Career Support

Select a CMP Career Guide for Expert Insights, Feedback and Q&A

DDM Coaches represent decades of experience supporting successful career transition.  Each is uniquely qualified to provide real-time guidance and act as an informed sounding board.  Review their bios below and schedule a time with the DDM Coach that is right for you. 

Meet the Career Coaches

Charlie Zinger

Charlie has more than 25 years business experience with small, medium and large sized companies in multiple industries. Over this span of time, Charlie has helped thousands of people in every aspect of career transition. Charlie brings his vast experience, real-world tools, and pragmatic approach to his coaching engagements.

Charlie earned a Bachelors degree from the University of Dallas.

Bruce Weaver

Bruce offers exceptional people related insights based on his twenty plus years of experience in talent management and career coaching. He has worked for several international organizations in a variety of industries including over twenty years in the Oil and Gas industry. He has had the opportunity to provide coaching and competence development planning to all levels. Bruce has been a group leader and guest speaker at several professional career transition groups.

Bruce holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and English from the University of Houston.

Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen quickly creates robust coaching relationships built on empathy and trust. A sense of humor, keen perception and active listening skills help to delve into candidates’ abilities, skills and desires for next career steps. Kathleen is fearless in mentoring and becoming a trusted advisor.

Claudia Chavez-Castilla

Claudia has a background in both Human Resources and Market Insights and over 20 years of organizational experience in multinational companies such as PepsiCo, Holderbank and Gallup. She is fully bilingual in both English and Spanish and able to coach present or lead seminars in whichever language her client chooses. She also has vast experience in multi- cultural and diverse environments.

Brian Allen

Brian has over fifteen years’ experience as a Career Development Coach/Consultant in both corporate and private practice and is passionate about helping individuals take control of their own careers. Brian became a Career Coach while working for Southwest Airlines, where he was responsible for creating an internal career coaching program. Brian also worked as a Career Coach for Lockheed Martin, and is recognized as an authority in using assessment tools to help individuals make wise career choices.

Marilynn Graves

Marilynn is an Executive Coach and High Performance Consultant and Leader for the MentorRings Leadership Development Program. She spent the first two decades of her career building success in the corporate world in banking and finance where she focused on relationship management and leadership program design and delivery for emerging leaders.

Sandra Lopez Garza

Sandra Lopez Garza combines her 18+ year’s leadership experience with her solid bottom line career coaching approach. Her own career has given her a series of administrative and coaching experience, leadership training, and mentoring, and conflict resolution training.

With Sandra’s background in education and leadership development, she has developed new leaders and worked with many individuals as an internal career consultant. Sandra’s passion and mission provide a guiding light to job seekers and career changers as they navigate the waters of an ever-changing world of work. She works collaboratively, in partnership with her clients to identify the real issue(s), match values with career choices, gain more self-awareness, explore options, overcome obstacles and set goals with accountability.

Sandra has been member of United Way Leadership Society, Texas Principals and Supervisors Association, MANA Fort Worth, and The Hispanic Women’s Network. She currently serves on various boards, holding leadership roles within the community. She has volunteered in mentoring middle/high school students, while assisting in raising over 1/4 million dollars in college scholarships.

Areas of career consulting specialties include Career Transition; Career Change; Career Decisions; Retirement, Life and Career Options; Leadership Development; Program Management; Performance Coaching; and Training and Development.

Sandra earned her M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.A. from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her post graduate studies have been at the University of North Texas and attended the Harvard School Urban School Leaders Program.


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